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The leage system for the new league month October 2017 is tuned for all league divisions (alpha, beta, gamma, delta and placement).

New league month starts on 2nd October 2017 – 12:00 am UTC. It runs till 31st Oct – 24:00 UTC.

-17Days -5Hours -44Minutes -23Seconds

New players can register through whole month here to play 24h x 7d

Play & Challenge. – ASR Autumn Leaves Contest 2017 starts now …


( source: https://www.advancedstudyroom.org/autumn ) As follow up of ASR’s first seasonal contest, the ASR Summer Sunshine Contest which run from 2nd August till 30th September 2017, the active ASR players who participate in the monthly ASR league can also play in the ASR Autumn Leaves Contest. All who have played minimum 4 games in the regular ASR … Read more

Newsletter (no. NL010-1017) … new league month, game planning, 25th EGCC anniversary …


copy of email newsletter sent to >540 registered ASR members. See also the former newsletters, reminders in the archive here: http://news.advancedstudyroom.org ———- email message ———- From: ASR – Advanced Study Room (Services) <…@advancedstudyroom…> Date: Tue, Oct 3, 2017 at 4:30 PM Subject: ASR – Advanced Study Room … newsletter (no. NL010-1017) … new league month, game planning, 25th EGCC … Read more

Mexico (Cancun): 1st Latin American Go Congress (13th-15th Oct)


Inspite heavy hurricanes, tropical storms and earth quakes we had to notice last weeks Mexico still is being chosen as the host country for the 1st Latin American Go Congress and the Ibero American Go Championship (CIG). It will be the biggest go event in Latin American. It is sponsored by the International Go Federation (IGF). The … Read more

China: 2017 Shanglv Cup International City GO Tournament (27 Oct – 1st Nov 2017)


From 27th Oct to 1st Nov 2017, China’s biggest amateur Go tournament “Shanglv Cup International City GO Tournament” will be held in Hangzhou, China. The Shanglv Cup is more than an international tournament. This unique Go event is embedded in a cultural Go program along with the annually International Go Culture Conference, annually (see some … Read more

Amsterdam: EGCC celebrates 25th anniversary with special tournament (21& 22 Oct 2017)


author: Kim Ouweleen (aka Murugandi) To commemorate the EGCC milestone of its foundation in 1992, the EGCC organizes a special Anniversary Go Tournament in the weekend of 21-22 October! The 25 Years EGCC Anniversary Go Tournament is part of the European Grand Prix and counts as a Bonus Level C tournament. Registration for the tournament has been open since midth … Read more

Reminder (R010-0917): September League, new Communication Tools, seasonal event in October …


Reminder (R010-0917) to all >540 ASR members … see archive of all News, Reminders … https://deskhelp.advancedstudyroom.org/portal/kb/news-archive ———- email message ———- From: ASR – Advanced Study Room (Services) <…@advancedstudyroom…> Date: Wed, Sep 27, 2017 at 10:13 PM Subject: Reminder (R010-0917): September League, new Communication Tools, seasonal event in October … To: …@… Dear member of ASR – Advanced Study Room,  … Read more

Newsletter (No. NL009-0917): ASR’s new independence …


newsletter no. 009-0917 to more than 540 registered ASR members … see archive of all News. ———- email message ———- From: ASR – Advanced Study Room (Services) <…@advancedstudyroom….> Date: Tue, Sep 19, 2017 at 12:38 PM Subject: ASR – Advanced Study Room … newsletter no. NL009-0917: ASR’s new independence … To: …@… Dear ASR members, dear Go enthusiasts ! Summer … Read more

The brand new ASR Go Cafe (public chat room) has opened …


Dear ASR members, dear Go enthusiasts and friends ! The first two tools (out of three) of the ASR GAME Planner prototype are now fully operational ! – Get new opponents more easily with the private message (PM) system + new chat rooms (outside of KGS Go Server) ! JayR (one of the ASR Team core member) setup a … Read more

Boosting Level A of ASR GAME planner: new Private Message (PM) system up 24/7


Dear ASR members, dear Go fiends ! The ASR Game planner prototype is taking shape. We know you are all waiting (since longer) to get your hands on new communication features to become more flexible in your game plannings (without the need to visit the KGS Go server all the time). Today we are very glad … Read more

review: 2nd week of EGC 2017 (European Go Congress) in Oberhof (Germany)


  … re-print with permission by and courtesy to EGF – European GO Federation Read the review about 1st week of EGC2017 here. author: Yue Li | 09.08.2017 17:53 Following the first week, ruthless battles on go boards and the feast of friendship amongst hundreds of go enthusiasts continued to occupy the peaceful mountain village of … Read more

CHINA Spotting #003: (biannual) GO League 2017 in Jin Rui Go Club (Hangzhou, China)


Guillaume’s China Spotting #003 Jin Rui Go Club : biannual league. I have been participating in a half year long league tournament in the Jin Rui Go Club (Hangzhou/China), as well as another team tournament between the league groups – see my other post “CHINA Spotting #002” about it. I live now for more than … Read more